Vitaliana primulaeflora

Vitaliana primulaeflora (voir) Androsace v. : 

REMARQUES : Vitaliana primuliflora Bertol. is based on the same type as Primula vitaliana L. Linnaeus in Sp. Pl. 143 (1753) included two geographical elements in his Primula vitaliana, one, from Italy based on a plate of Sesler and the other from the Pyrenees on a specimen in the Burser Herbarium. Recent authors have typified the name differently. It is proposed here that the name Primula vitaliana L. and therefore Vitaliana primuliflora Bertol. be based on Sesler’s plate

By majella Larochelle

Horticulteur, botaniste, biologiste, producteur d'alpines, mentor, conférencier, caractérisation de milieux humides... Seed producer and alpine plants grower

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