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The end of October, by Majella Larochelle

Gentiana acaulis, she was the first one to bloom!

And the Willow Gentian, Gentiana asclepiadea
Alpine Aster

I like to plant a Phuopsis stylosa in a soil in which nothing else will grow!

Pulsatilla lutea – the final Touch to get a true yellow Pasqueflower
Rhodiola rosea or Sedum roseum is dressed with so many colors!
but I love its foliage:
Saxifraga ‘London’s Pride’has no competitors!
Sedum  telephium is the ancestor of so many S. spectabile cultivars
In Spring, so many color blooms gave me the chance to make a collage.
Sometimes, I freeze them in ice cubes for a drink… making conversation easier!
the drink, not the ice cubes

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